The Automotive Industry Needs Protection

According to multiple reports, the growth and transformation of the automotive market can be attributed to significant research and development investments in electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and shared mobility.

The global automotive motors market size is projected to grow from $20,321 million in 2020 to $25,719 million by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8%. The advent of fuel efficient technology will have a significant impact on hybrid electric and battery electric vehicles, which, in turn, will drive the automotive market.

Cyber Attacks Will Impact Growth

Paramount to reaching these protections is protecting the intellectual property, research and development associated with this growth. Cyber incursions can be led by hackers, competing companies, countries engaged in corporate espionage or even disgruntled employees.

They can be damaging on multiple fronts, including:

  1. Significant financial losses due to stolen designs;
  2. Damage to an organization’s reputation and loss of public confidence;
  3. Exposure of sensitive/confidential/critical data;
  4. Production disruptions resulting from sabotage;
  5. Violation of regulatory requirements;

Focusing protection on desktops, laptops and network infrastructure is not enough. Because in reality the information, insights and outcomes harnessed from the IP will need to be made available to a remote and mobile workforce across the supply chain via a mobile platform.

The reality is, mobile devices are now the de facto platform for productivity in business. Today, the traditional computing devices upon which enterprises have focused their security and compliance efforts represent only 40 percent of the relevant endpoints. The remaining 60 percent of devices are mobile.

Fortunately, many automotive manufacturers realize mobile devices are an unprotected endpoint with access to or containing all of the information of a traditional endpoint. And while there are some overlaps in what you protect – email, calendars, etc., – the way you solve the traditional endpoint security problem is completely different than how you solve the mobile security problem.

Zimperium Protects Automotive Industry

Zimperium, the global leader in mobile device and app security, offers the only real-time, on-device, machine learning-based protection against Android, iOS and Chromebooks threats. Powered by z9, Zimperium provides protection against device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks.

We provide a complete and holistic mobile security strategy with zIPS which runs locally on any mobile device and detects cyberattacks without a connection to the cloud, and our first-of-its-kind Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS), a comprehensive solution that helps organizations protect their mobile apps throughout their entire life cycle.

Automotive manufacturers globally are taking advantage of our solutions to protect IP. Zimperium is the worldwide leader in protecting the automotive industry against mobile risks and attacks.


Case Study

Multinational Automotive Corporation; One Of The World’s Leading Car And Truck Manufacturers.

Why Now
A multinational automotive corporation understood that their employees and contractors had access to corporate information via their mobile devices. They were concerned about intellectual property theft – specifically research and development – ending up in the hands of competitors.

Why Zimperium

We were told we won the business because of three simple reasons:

  1. Our on-device machine-learning, on-premise capability and ability to support multiple mobile device management (MDM) solutions in a single tenant;
  2. Ability to facilitate a pragmatic phased onboarding approach allowing for group-based policies and remediations; and
  3. Valuable support and insights from our Customer Success team on policy development and adoption to achieve intended outcomes.

The Results

More than 140,000 corporate-owned mobile devices are equipped with z9, our on-device, machine learning-based engine that protects the company and its employees from device, network, phishing and malicious app attacks.

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