Patient Data Is Becoming More Mobile

Healthcare delivery organizations (or HDOs) increasingly rely on mobile devices to provide better patient care inside hospitals and medical facilities, as well as outside in field and home care settings. Here are a few industry stats related to Clinicians and their demand for a consumer experience in their professional environment:

  1. 80% of clinicians use smartphones in their daily workflow 2
  2. 70% of physicians use mobile devices to access patient data 3
  3. 70% of clinicians say the use of a mobile device led to improved patient care.

As a healthcare provider, you are ultimately responsible for the security of vital patient data. Do you have a strategy for addressing mobile threats?

“Zimperium has consistently demonstrated a true understanding of healthcare-specific risks, incredibly deep experience in mobile threats and a commitment to deliver on a detailed customer success plan.”

– CSO, U.S. Based Hospital Network

Mobile Threats Detected At A Hospital

According to Verizon’s inaugural Mobile Security Index 2018, 35% of healthcare organizations suffered data loss or downtime due to a mobile device security incident. As the use of mobile devices continues to increase in order to improve patient care, it’s vital for healthcare organizations to have a complete enterprise mobile security solution that meets compliance standards, addresses privacy concerns and can be easily maintained in a BYOD environment.

We found similar results. In the first 6 months of deployment, there were 7000 threats detected and each device experiences 5.4 threats. What’s more, these were serious network-based attacks.



Much like a doctor can diagnose an illness by analyzing the symptoms your body is exhibiting, Zimperium detects both known and unknown threats by analyzing the behavior of mobile devices. By analyzing slight deviations to the mobile device’s operating system’s statistics, memory, CPU and other system parameters, Zimperium can accurately identify not only the specific type of malicious attack, but also provide forensics associated with each specific attack.

One App Covers All Advanced Mobile Threats

Our zIPS app provides continuous self-service mobile threat detection and remediation for Android, iOS , Windows and Chromebook mobile devices against network-based (or MITM) attacks, rogue application installs and OS vulnerabilities. Users are immediately alerted to threats and can resolve them and have forensics sent to the security team. Our patented machine- learning detection and custom mobile security research guards against new and evolving threats to healthcare providers, employees and patients.

Threat Protection With Ease

Integrates with the leading EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions to provide comprehensive policy management and threat detection for company issued or personal devices.

Keeps Patient Data Private

Respects international patient privacy laws and protects private health information (PHI) by detecting and remediating issues locally on the device without sending patient data to the cloud or impacting device performance.

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“By 2020, 80% of HDOs will have been the target of a cyberattack through a mobile device.

”Gartner, Inc. “Five Best Practices That Healthcare Provider CIOs Can Use to Reduce Mobile Device Security Risk, Gregg Pessin, April 2016

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